Thursday, May 22, 2008

She's alive!

Like back from the dead, my pen rises up (figuratively at least) to rejoin the world of the blogging masses.

It's been around two years since my old blog, "Machinations of a Wandering Mind," was retired due to professional circumstances. Now that the opportunity has dumped itself at my feet, I can't resist its charm, and thus "Contrariwise" was born.

In my mind, a little voice says, "We can build it better, stronger, faster."

Well, I'm not so sure about the faster, but I definitely plan to try my hand at least some regularity and a heck of a lot more focus.

I can only hope that my little mini cooper-esque blog will be enjoyed by those fellow truckers passing their way through the InterTubes...and I think I just murdered that analogy. Oh well, it was a noble try but in the end, its passing probably was for its own good.

Here's to seeing this project through.

1 comment:

Kanadani said...

Gosh, after reading this...I am DEFINITELY rusty. That and I'm trying too hard. Well, you gotta start sometime.