Wednesday, July 9, 2008

...some people juggle geese!

I never thought I'd be qualified to work in the circus...but wow my juggling skills have now achieved legendary status! I am now purple when people hover their little imaginary mice over my head.

In the past month, I have:
  1. Started a new job in a new industry
  2. Started a blog
  3. Almost finished knitting my Doctor Who scarf. (I have only 16 rows, some clean up, and some fringe should be done tonight!)
  4. Got completely obsessed over a silent film star.
  5. Read two major books on Chaplin
  6. Watched around 20 of Chaplin's movies
  7. Pondered the value of capitalism, optimism, and idealism in today's society.
  8. Decided to learn more about McCarthyism. (Though I'm not sure how my blood pressure will take it...that entire period of time makes me ashamed to be American and incensed as a rabid believer of free-speech and thought.)
  9. Started learning how to tailor and sew.
  10. Started playing WoW
  11. Began the first stages of a new book
  12. And took over the cooking and kitchen for the household.

Sure I had to drop a ball here and there. (Yes, I'm still going with the circus/juggling analogy)But I have to say...who knew I had it in me?

Multi-tasking has its pros and cons. Some say that it is an invaluable skill to have; one that fosters efficiency and ulcers. Others say that trying to split your focus on too many things only allows you to do many things poorly.

Of course, the detractors singing their criticism on their soap boxes aren't heard because the multi-taskers are too busy driving their car, eating breakfast, and applying mascara while listening to newsradio and checking their email on Blackberries.

After this whirlwind month, I think I might take a break...perhaps only do six or seven things at a time. You know, enjoy the slow life.

The circus really isn't my clowns are creepy.

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Rabscuttle said...

I knew you had it in you. You GO, girl.